9U to 12U- Register Now Pay Later ($495) Not Guaranteed Until Paid - $0.00
13U to 18U- Register Now Pay Later ( $575) Not Guaranteed Until Paid - $0.00
9U to 12U- Register and Pay Now (Guarantees Sport) - $495.00
13U to 18U- Register and Pay Now( Guarantees Sport) - $575.00

Teams participation are not guaranteed until payment is made. Teams understand they will be required to stay at the Innisbrook Spa and Resort under the Stars and Stripes Sports room bloc (Local Teams Will NOT be required to stay). Individual participation for the events at the hotel such as Sports Testing, Hitter Handicap, etc. will cost each player $95 to participate. Space is limited and teams will play 2 games on the 29th and 2 games on the 30th and 1 game on the 31st which will be played for a finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place finish based on seeding from first 4 games.

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